Drain Field & Septic Tank System Restoration

Drain Field & Septic Tank System Restoration

We use a Deep Soil Decompactor which uses compressed air to break up clogged and compacted soil, restoring the natural flow of liquids.

If you are experiencing any signs of septic tank problems, Advanced Septic, LLC can help. When it comes to septic problems, we're the trusted professionals.

We can help you if you have any of the following problems:
  • Wet or soggy soil over your drain field.
  • Black or dark gray ooze from the surface of your drain field.
  • Foul odors around your drain field.
  • Sewage backing up or overflowing into your house.
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains.

All of these signs of septic tank problems are common when your drain field is lined with sewage biomat and/or when it's not getting enough subsurface oxygen. Traditionally, septic service companies would take drastic measures to repair, ranging from adding an additional drain field to tearing out your existing drain field and septic tank, and replacing all of it. These remedies could cost you from $5,000 to $40,000 or more, depending on what type of system you have.

At Advanced Septic, LLC we can fix all of your septic problems, long-term, by de-compacting the absorption soil, breaking up the biomat and aerating your drain field safely and quickly. This saves your lawn and landscaping from getting destroyed and can save you a lot of money.

Below is a simplified description of how a typical septic system works, and what Advanced Septic, LLC can do to restore it when it's no longer getting the oxygen it needs to function well.